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large-scale projects? anyone?

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I often think about Kropotkin's criticism of attempts to form communist settlements, one criticism being that the projects he had encountered were too small, another criticism being that they were too isolated (in one letter, he suggests a commune of 2,000-10,000; in another, he suggests 20,000).

First of all, I agree that I'd prefer living and working in a large community with access to the cultural assets of a city (especially a college town), but is he basing his statements off any other research, any successful communities of his time?

Second of all, is there anyone out there thinking in terms this big? Anyone struggling to get a socialist foothold in a city or region by sheer numbers and cooperation? Is there a socialist equivalent of the Free State Project?

Does anybody know of anything out there?

Before anyone says it, no, I don't see this as a utopian project or an end in itself, but as a stronger position from which to engage in class struggle - part "propaganda of the deed", part "laboratory of democracy", part "life-boat".
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