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The latest in workplace organizing

* I helped to form a dishwasher's council at work. We made 4 demands to the boss, including compensation for being overworked, the hiring of a person to fill in the gap of being understaffed, new gloves that protect our hands from the toxic sanitizer we use, and the halting of taking advantage of passive and humble older workers that bust their asses, without standing up for themselves. The bosses, shocked by our written and signed demands, conceeded to the first three. There are 4 - 5 steady full-time dishwashers, and a few that fill in some of the gaps on the schedule. 4 signed on to the demands, and most agreed that it was the the most powerful means to get our needs met in the workplace than any other form of relationship with the boss. The council will now meet every month, and we will continue to put pressure on the boss. Direct action gets the goods again folks. NEXT STEP: signing red cards.

* Our union is about to embark on a public transit campaign that will seek to demand that employers in the business corridor we're organizing not only make a public statement against SEPTA's proposed service cuts and fare hikes, but that the employers would make a wage increase adjustment for their workers if the proposal passes, as it is an increase in the cost of living. After a couple of weeks it will culminate into a day of marching through the business corridor, as well as confronting any employers who didn't sign on to the agreement - with a mob of dozens of workers. Let's hope direct action will get the goods this time.

* Our union recently sent a delegation to Brooklyn to meet up with an organization called, "We Make The Road By Walking."

We solidified our relationship, making commitments to each other's organizations to show physical solidarity in each other's pickets and demonstrations, as well as to share battle stories, and build a collective vision and movement for labor and community empowerment for all workers through rank and file grassroots workplace organizing. Fuck yeah. The meeting was AMAZING. I cried.

Organizing a union has been the most fulfilling experience in my lifetime, while simultaneously making me anxious, worried, tired, and stressed out from all the work that has to be done. I think that will all ease up after we train another dozen workers into effective and militant class soldiers. Then some of us can take a well-deserved vacation. For a weekend.
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