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Results of demands to boss...

So a few days back, I posted about us making demands to our boss about grievances we have.

Here's the link...

The results are in.

For our demand to be compensated for being overworked due to a coworker leaving the company: WE WON! At least for now. We received bonuses on our paychecks that reflected half of the hourly wage of the guy who left for each worker on a shift that covered his work. We'll see what happens on the next check.

For our demand to have EVERY shift filled with 2 people on each shift: TECHNICALLY WE'VE WON! Technically, the boss actually filled the schedule, but one dishwasher is out hurt, he has wrist problems, and his therapist told him not handle heavy objects. One of our jobs is to hold a very thick and slightly heavy water spray hose that is very pressurized, and muist be gripped for long periods of time. This would be very harmful for him, so he's taking some time off. We understand and are very sympathetic to his needs. In fact, we've been steeping up and filling in his shifts, grabbing overtime, and showing solidarity with one another, so as to not leave people working by themselves. The boss has stated every day that he is actively searching for someone new to come in, so he can fulfill his promise.

For our demand to stop taking advantage of one worker who is very humble and passive: WE WON! Again, at least for two weeks in a row, he has been scheduled with another worker, and he is now agreeing to take breaks. Before this meeting, he NEVER took breaks, he was working by himself, doing about three people's jobs, and not saying anything about it. For two weeks in a row, the boss changed his tune, and now the worker is satisfied.

For our demand for the boss to purchase protective gloves that go up past our elbows for saniter: NO OUTCOME YET. They claim to have a hard time finding gloves that exist like this, and have promised to continue looking through catalogs, and has suggested that if we found them and baught them ourselves, we'd be compensated by the company. When asked about compensation for time and transportation to go to the store to pick them up, they agreed to compensate for this as well. We'll see about this one.

This week, we are working on the SEPTA campaign, and I'll give a report about how the rally/march goes next weekend!

Thanks for all of the comments and support, you all rock.
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