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We ain't fucking around!

I'm still trying to get to a scanner to show you all some pics from the SEPTA protest/march. Things are heating up down here. They just fired a much-loved employee of 7 years years from my department. We responded by demanding a meeting as "concerned WFM team members," with the regional department coordinator. The email was cc-ed to the CEO of the company as well. He wants his job back, and we're gonna try and get it, as well as pushing for changes in discliplinary policies in the company.

This sunday, the South Street Worker's Union will be holding a Legal Workshop for anyone who wants to attend. We will be going over labor laws, and know-your-legal-rights type information.

We'll also be putting together more healthcare workshops in a month or so, and we will be putting on a Tax Clinic, to help workers file their taxes, without having to go to tax sharks like H&R Block and shit. I'm even discussing with my boy James about the potential to build a childcare pool for workers on South Street. The idea is that the union will offer a list of other South Street Workers, and our allies, to do babysitting for parent workers in need. This is where I believe the union will concretely start to shape a more class power vision within its membership, a step up from one-shot clinics, and events, and more into serious sustainability in our lives. It's an organization not just for unionizing the workplace, but for building a more empowered working class, regarding aspects of our lives outside of the traditional workplace, our homes, our children, our education, our access to resources, etc.

This union is the shit.
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