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haven't posted here before, but i have a serious question

i am very new to marx--i have been an anarchist for a few years and thought i new my shit, but then i read the situationists, which got me interested in anti-state communism more based in marx's theories (with obvious retooling of ideas about party and state), anyways, i'm reading all these essays by people like gilles dauve (jean barrot), fredy perlman, against sleep and nightmare, aufheben, etc., and i need to know how to apply this critique with praxis. i am pretty jaded with protests, traditional unions, fair-trade, etc. and all the practices of what many call the "left-wing of capital" who mearly want to socialize the profits created by wage-labor and exchange, but what do we do as (anti-state) communists? i've thought about making these posters that have quotes from "the reproduction of everyday life" on them with an email address to put up to try to contact others interested in a radical critique of wage-labor, exchange, and capital.

what else can one do? it seems to me like many ultra-left commies advocate a sort of "propaganda only" praxis until the masses actually revolt themselves, but doesn't this seem to be somewhat against the idea of linking theory with praxis--aren't these sort of separations between action and thought a characteristic of the wage-labor world of directors and executants? to give you an idea of what i'm talking about:

"those who already feel the need for communism, and discuss it, cannot interfere in these [squatters and truly anti-exchange] struggles to bring the communist gospel, to propose to these limited actions that they direct themselves towards 'real' communist activity. What is needed is not slogans, but an explanation of the background and mechanism of these struggles. One must only show what they will be forced to do."
--Gilles Dauve in "Capitalism and Communism"

1.) do we sit around and talk until the masses want and make revolution?

2.) what do you, personally, as communists (or anarchist communists) do as praxis to further the class war to abolish classes?
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