A Breakaway March Inside my Pants! (crudocrust) wrote in councils,
A Breakaway March Inside my Pants!

Thoughts on the effects of Anarcho-Punk on Anarchy

I was thinking about writing an essay based upon the discussions on anarcho-punk some people have been having on anarchist open posting online community. Please read these questions bellow, speak openly, and see where it leads us. -crudo

1.) Do you think anarcho-punk (or punk rock), is a good avenue for getting people firstly interested, and then secondly engaged in revolutionary activity?

2.) Do you think that punk rock is off putting to people? Do you think that it "gives a bad face the movement"? Are people afraid to approach anarchist circles because of it's punk face?

3.) If punk is off putting, having said this, isn't it bad to put restrictions on simple things like dress, etc?

4.) Even if punk rock just attracts allot of people to anarchy that are only interested in the face value of it, ('just want to circle their a's), and only results in a few dedicated activists/engaged people, isn't this worth it?

5.) All in all, has the strong connection between anarchism and the punk rock subculture/music scene been positive or negative?
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