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"Strike!" Issues #3 Available Now!

"Strike!" is the English-language agitational newspaper for the North
Eastern Federation of Anarchist-Communists. It is a periodical of class
struggle news concerning the Northeast Region of North America and beyond,
covering militant working class organizing tying together labor, feminist,
anti-racist and immigration defense struggles. Issue # 3 features articles
on Quebec liquor store workers striking, the defense of Mohamed Cherfi and
Emily Tang, a column on military resistance, and perspectives on the
public transit fight in Chicago, indigenous workers in Oaxaca, and the
continuing battle for women's self-determination.

"Strike!" Issue #3 is currently available, and can be shipped to your
doorstep ASAP. Please order a bundle of 100 and distro them to your
respective communities right away! Below is a chart for order information,
please contact

to place your order. Include your address, neccessary contact information,
and the quantity of your order.
Strike Rates - US

US Individual Copies(less than 10 copies)

US Subscriptions
$5(6 issues)

US Bulk Rates
10-25 copies - $0.50/copy
26-50 copies - $0.45/copy
51-99 copies - $0.40/copy
100+ copies - $0.35/copy

Strike Rates Canada(all prices US $)

Canada Individual Copies(less than 10 copies)


Canada Subscriptions


Canada Bulk Rates

10-24 copies - $0.60/copy
25-49 copies - $0.55/copy
50-99 copies - $0.50/copy
100+ copies - $0.40/copy
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