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This community was not intended to supplant the marxism or anarchists communities. However, since the majority of the members of marxism seem to be leninists, trotskyites or maoists, and the quality of discussion in anarchists is generally infantile, you may feel more comfortable posting to comrades who are more like-minded and in a place where you can be sure there's going to be some serious discussion. That's what this community is for.

The name of the community unfortunately implies that this community is specifically for council communists, but that's not the case. Although the community is open to everyone, this community is geared specifically towards 'left communists,' anarchists and others who understand that communism is a society without classes, money, the state and is, in Marx's words, an "association of free and equal producers."

This community exists for all of us, so feel free to get involved. If you don't like the layout, suggest how we can change it; if you think something should be added to or removed from the info, just let us know. If you want to help moderate the community, just ask.

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